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Graphic Design Trends to Revolutionise your Online look in 2022

Part 1

Prepare yourself, because these hot-off-the-press digital trends are JAW-DROPPING.

If you're thinking about revamping your small business brand this year, you can take the perspiration out of finding inspiration, with the first in my series of graphic design trends for 2022 - complete with handy visual examples to get those creative juices flowing.

Ready to find out what digital design is all about this year? Let’s get going.

Trend 1: Mind-Bending Colour Trend 2: Shimmer and Shine Trend 3: Vintage Geo Trend 4: Multi-Dimension Magic

Mind-Bending Colour

Brace yourselves for a psychedelic revival, because things are about to get trippy.

The last two years of political upheaval have been the catalyst for counter-culture revival, which means the sixties are back, baby!

Attention-grabbing graphics that twist, turn, melt and entrance are set to take over the internet - with vivid colour palettes that really pack a punch.

Shimmer and Shine

We've seen it burst onto the scene in fashion, stationery and product design. Now it's time for holographics to go digital.

Multi-dimensional, reflective and satisfyingly futuristic, this high tech trend is a sure-fire eye pleaser. Think multidimensional pastels and glossy liquid colour, for posts that propel your followers into a shiny new future.

Vintage Geo

Finding 2022 design a little too chaotic so far? Art Deco is is the elegant antidote.

With its clean lines, calming symmetry and sleek geometry, it's the perfect way to convey strength, stability, and, dare I say, a touch of class. This innovative style first appeared in the early 20th Century and it's making a second grand debut in 2022. And Great Gatsby, I think it's going to be a big one.

Multi-Dimension Magic

A love affair between 2D and 3D, this trend mixes dimensions with magical results.

Think hyper-realistic graphics combined with flat design, and you have the modern mashup that's taking 2022 by storm.

This cutting edge design evolution is making its mark everywhere, from apps to typography and animation. Blurring the boundaries between digital and physical, this eye-catching style is a guaranteed scroll-stopper.

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Which one catches your eye? Let me know in the comments.

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