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Make Design Waves with Simple Moving Elements

Great design doesn't need to be complicated, but it's got to be eye-catching. If you feel as though you're struggling to stand out on Social Media, try adding one of these 4 simple moving elements to your post.

According to Later, moving elements are set to be a major visual trend for 2021, so if you're not already using them or seeing them on your feed, it's likely you will be soon.

Idea 1: Point it Out

If you're a photography purist, you might hate the thought of anything detracting from your composition. If this sounds like you, you might want consider the humble arrow.

It's simple, stylish and allows you to highlight your best bits. Arrows draw your customer's gaze to the part of the photo you really want them to notice, but won't spoil the overall scene.

Idea 2: Frame It

If you prefer something a bit more sophisticated than an arrow, you can't go wrong with a frame.

Frames look great around overlaid text and help to stop it fading into a busy background. And because almost any shape can function as a frame, they're incredibly versatile, too. The element of animation not only adds an extra edge, it turns the spotlight onto your message so your customers definitely won't miss it.

Idea 3: Stir the Senses

Instagram is awash with amazing photos, but you can take yours to the next level with a sensory approach.

Using animated elements to augment the natural features of static photos adds another level of realism, and transports your customer into the scene. Add music and encourage taps or swipes for a multi-sensory post that engages your customers way beyond the visual experience.

Idea 4: Sparkle and Shine

Glitz and glam doesn't have to be gaudy. In fact, you can achieve a lot with a little subtle sparkle.

Whether this is to augment reality or simply draw the eye, adding a well-placed confetti, firework or sparkle sticker is enough to stop scrolling in its tracks. Use it to draw attention to a special event, offer, new product or giveaway, for that opulent sense of occasion.

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Which design idea will you take away and use today? Let us know in the comments.


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