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  • Why should I pay for a Copywriter when I can write it myself?
    A copywriter is a professional who is trained to write for marketing. Of course, anyone can write an ad, but not everyone can write a good ad. A copywriter has studied writing techniques specifically for selling products and services, and understands consumer psychology. Knowing the triggers that make customers want to engage with your business, visit your website and buy your product makes a copywriter invaluable to you and your company.
  • How can a Copywriter help my business?
    Have you ever felt lost for words, or stuck for a fresh idea when coming up with ads, leaflets or online posts? Do you find it difficult to get your business noticed or to get likes comments and shares on social media? That's where a copywriter comes in. A copywriter's job is to attract and engage your customers, and get them to buy. A copywriter not only takes all of the hard work out of creating your advertising materials, but helps to put money in your pocket too. ​ While it's true that there are no guarantees for success in advertising, you can guarantee that every successful business has a copywriter.
  • Why do I need a brand colour palette?
    For lots of reasons, but, most importantly, because a good brand palette is memorable and repeated use will help customers remember and recognise your brand. It's proven that a strong brand palette design can also help customers recognise and recall your products. Brand palettes also communicate your personality and values as a company, which makes colour psychology incredibly important. That's why it's crucial to hire a designer with specialised knowledge who can bring your brand to life through colour. It can sometimes be very difficult to make decisions about your palette on your own with such an overwhelming number of colour combinations out there. It really helps to have a professional look at your brand profile objectively and with a fresh eye.
  • I've bought a Deluxe Colour Palette from your Store. How do I use it?
    The most important information you'll need is on Page 2 of your brand palette - the Hex Codes. A Hex Code is a unique six-character colour code that looks like this: #CD2D4B You can copy and paste this code into the colour picker in Canva, or any other graphics software including your website builder, to get an exact colour match across all of your digital channels. You can also pass these codes to your graphic designer or printer if they're working on a small business project for you. I'd always recommend copying and pasting the codes directly from the document rather than writing them down by sight. It's very easy to mistake Os for zeros and 8s for Bs, which could mean you'll end up with a completely different colour to the one in your palette.
  • What kinds of projects can I use my colour palette for?
    So many exciting things! And they're not just for recolouring your digital world - you can also use your palette to create beautiful projects in real life, too. People who buy my palettes are often: - Small business owners and solopreneurs - Website designers - Interior designers - Crafters and makers - Digital artists - Graphic designers - Teachers - Brides-to-be This is how many of my lovely customers use their palettes: - To redecorate their living space or workspace Got the interior design bug? Many DIY stores now offer bespoke paint mixing services. Simply get in touch with your nearest provider to see if they can match the hex codes on Page 2 of your palette. - As inspiration for classroom decor or shop window displays Use your palette to create an attractive colour scheme to style your displays for students or customers. - To brand or rebrand their businesses Get a fresh new business look across all of your digital channels by simply inputting the hex codes into the colour picker of your website builder and/or graphics software. You can even pass these codes to your graphic designer or printer, and they'll do all of the hard work for you. From your social media templates, to your logo, to your print media - these clever little palettes make rebranding a breeze. - To create colour schemes for their products Whether you're creating a floral display, a balloon bouquet, or a new jewellery range, a Bloom palette can help. Order pre-mixed paints, or pre-dyed yarn using your hex codes, or simply colour match your stock to the palette swatches for a seamless and stylish look. - To create digital artwork A brand palette is like a digital paint pot - but because the colours have been selected for you, you already know they're going to look gorgeous together. No hours of experimentation required! - As colour schemes for websites If you're a website designer, you'll know that the colour scheme is key. A Bloom palette takes the time and effort out of creating a flawless and professional look for your clients. - As wedding colour schemes Styling your wedding can be a nightmare - but not with a Bloom palette. They're perfect for brides on a budget who still want that showstopping designer look on their big day. Just pass your palette to your wedding planner, florist, venue provider or bridal boutique, and let them take the headache off your hands!
  • Why is attractive and cohesive social media content important and how can it help my business?
    Well, not only is it your chance to make an amazing first impression on a potential buyer, it’s also an opportunity to communicate your personality, story, values and vibe. With so many businesses active on social media, a carefully curated and cohesive aesthetic is crucial to cutting through the noise. When users arrive at your page, your content should grab their attention, make a great impression and spark engagement. Without these key elements, your business could be missing out. There’s a proven link between positive brand perception and brand attachment - a strong emotional connection between your followers and your brand, that goes a LOT deeper than loyalty.
  • How much do you charge?
    Copywriting Work: The cost of the work depends on the size of the project. The cost of a small newspaper ad will be less than a 500 word blog post. It also depends on the amount of research I need to do on your behalf, if I need to conduct any interviews or meetings and if you choose to add design work to your package. ​ The length of time spent on the project and the final cost will be agreed with you before starting the work, so you can be sure there won't be any nasty surprises when you receive your bill. ​ The average rate for UK copywriters is £349 per day*. At £40 per hour, I charge less than most copywriters, meaning you'll get a premium service without breaking the bank. If you would like your project written and designed, I charge an additional £20 per hour. ​ *The Professional Copywriters' Network annual pay survey 2019 Design Work: The cost of your design project will depend on the type of project as well as the number of pages. If you're looking for bespoke social media template sets or brand palettes, I offer mix and match services as well as money-saving packages. You can download the full price list and brochure here. For print media and other bespoke projects, get in touch with me with your specifications and I'll send you a quote.
  • How do you receive payments?
    I accept payment via bank transfer or Paypal. All of the relevant details will be included in your invoice, and payments are expected to be received within 7 days of your project being completed.
  • I have a job that needs to be done quickly. How much extra do you charge for overtime?
    If you have a job that needs to be rushed through, I charge an additional 20% fee to cover the cost of overtime. My ability to accept these projects, depends on how much work I currently have from other clients.
  • What if I'm not happy with the work?
    It's really important to me that you receive work that you're thrilled with. In the unlikely event you're not happy with the finished product, I offer up to two rewrites or redesigns absolutely free.
  • What's your cancellation policy?
    If you choose to cancel the work mid-project, you will be billed for the number of hours worked up until that point. This includes research hours, meetings, interviews and writing time.
  • So, I've sent you an email. What's next?
    Once you've sent an enquiry, I'll aim to get back to you within 24 hours. I'll then take you through a simple 3 stage process to make sure you get the final product that meets your exact requirements. ​ Stage 1 - A Free Consultation I'll get in touch with you to arrange a free 30 minute consultation. This is an informal chat about your business needs and the kind of copy you're interested in. There's no obligation to buy anything at this stage. This is so you can see if Bloom is the right fit for you. ​ Stage 2 - The Creative Brief ​ Once you've decided to go ahead with a project, I'll send you a Creative Brief to complete and send back to me. The more detailed and complete the brief, the better the final copy. ​ Stage 3 - The Agreement ​​​ When the brief is complete, I'll send you a final agreement in the form of a PDF for you to sign and return. It will include a summary of the brief, the number of hours the job is expected to take and the cost. It will also include details of our working agreement and the terms and conditions. As soon as I receive the signed agreement, the creative magic can begin. ​
  • Do you only offer discounts to small businesses?
    I do offer a running 20% discount to small businesses, however, I also run special offers, promotions and competitions that all businesses are eligible to enjoy. Sign up to my newsletter to be the first to know about any upcoming deals.
  • Are there any types of business you don't work with?
    I don't work with certain businesses on ethical grounds, for example, tobacco or gambling companies. I also don't write for science or technology, simply because this isn't in my field of expertise. I want you to get the best copywriter for your business and I never take on a project if I'm not the best woman for the job. ​
  • Are there any services you don't offer?
    I don't currently design websites or logos because I don't feel that this is my forte at the moment - and it's important to me that you get the most skilled person in these areas to create work for your business.
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