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francesca potts

Dip. Copy BC



I'm Francesca and I'm the friendly face behind Bloom Copywriting and Design.


Before starting Bloom, I spent fourteen years working as an English Language teacher, a proofreader and an ELT materials writer, both in the UK and abroad. 

I retrained as a copywriter with the Blackford Centre, where I learnt all of the skills and techniques to craft creative copy that sells.


I currently write and design for lots of lovely small businesses just like yours - from boutique spas, to therapists, crafters and retailers.  

So, if you're looking for a certified copywriter with expert grammar knowledge, an eye for design and a bit of a perfectionist streak, you've come the right place.

You can view my LinkedIn profile here.

It 's lovely to see you
20% Discount
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I'm a part of our small business community and I want it to thrive. That's why I offer a 20% discount on all my services to independent businesses and charities.


Launching Bloom has allowed me to combine my love of writing and my passion for the English language.

But I wanted Bloom to be more than that. I wanted to do things differently to other copywriters and designers out there. Here's how.


Many copywriters will charge you the same, whether you own a small business or a multi-million pound company. I won't. I don't think it's fair to charge a flat fee on a far from level playing field.
So, if you're a small, independent business, a community organisation or a charity, you'll receive a 20% discount on all of my services and you can use them as many times as you'd like.
This isn't an introductory offer or a gimmick, this is a lifetime promise.

See Terms and Conditions


In addition to offering a generous
discount, I also try to take on one or two small pro bono assignments every month.
If you're a local charity or community organisation with a burning project idea and a tight budget, please get in touch. I'd love to hear from you.


Hiring a separate designer can be expensive and time-consuming. Twice the phone calls, twice the emails, and, often, twice the price. 

That's why I offer selected services that are fully written and designed, for less than the cost of most marketing agencies. Working with one person means your vision can be communicated easily, clearly and won't get lost in translation.
With Bloom, you can get your beautifully written and designed finished product faster, with less effort, and without blowing your budget.


I believe that working in marketing should be about more than sharp suits, confusing jargon, and a cut-throat sales pitch. 

Let's face it, the past three years have been difficult for businesses big and small. Whether you're looking to relaunch your business with a fresh appeal, increase customer confidence or engage a new target audience, Bloom is here to help. 

Whatever creative projects you'd like to work on, you can be assured of a friendly and empathetic service.

Still have a few questions? 

Check out my FAQ page

stunning coordinated  templates is my speciality

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I love experimenting with colours and styles

Creating brand palettes for small businesses is a huge part of what I do

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I spend hours thinking up new ideas

I think every small business is inspirational and unique

What makes Bloom



Ethical Pricing


20% Off for Small Businesses and Charities


Expert Grammar Knowledge


Integrated Design Options


Caring Customer Service

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Bloom Copywriting and Design Wix Large Banners and Etsy Voucher (2).png


Francesca Xx

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