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10 Trailblazing Insta Trends: The Direction of Design in 2021

Brand new year, fresh new look. Your Instagram feed is about to get a whole lot more surprising, with texture, typography and deep detail that we haven't quite seen before.

At Bloom, we've scoured the internet and social reports for the hottest design trends of 2021. So, what are you waiting for? Get your inspiration fix and finesse your feed with our 10 top tips for flawless social style.

So, Where is Instagram Design Headed in 2021?

Trend 1: Keep it Natural

Instagram is making a major shift towards the authentic. That means those super-heavy filters you've been using are out, out, out.

Instead of obvious edits, opt for subtle colour washes and gentle tweaks to photo content to show the more honest side of your brand. You're going to see more of a move towards minimalism too, so unclutter those snaps and let your products speak for themselves.

Trend 2: Go for a Spin

When a single image just won't do your wonderful work justice, opt for a carousel post to flesh out the detail.

They're perfect for promotions, tips, brand stories and process demonstrations and there's no doubt they'll be huge in 2021. Why not use them to show off a stunning sale edit or new product range? Or create anticipation by teasing your latest blog post or event?

Trend 3: Layer Up

Prepare yourselves, because the humble photo is about to get an electrifying makeover.

Recently, we've seen the rise in popularity of collage posts to add visual impact. Now, we're moving more into a hand-drawn aesthetic, with organic lines, shapes and forms used to create layers within a single image. Try weaving them into your photos to give them fresh, new appeal.

Trend 4: Revert to Type

Fire up those keyboards because words are coming back in a big way.

Competing with the flood of Instagram imagery isn't easy, so it's no surprise businesses are opting for a different approach. This year, we're going to be seeing much more emphasis on text-only posts. And, not only as a means of communicating information, but in an artistic way, too.

To buck the trend, go bold, with experimental typography and eye-catching colour palettes.

Trend 5: Va Va Vintage

You're about to see a real shot of nostalgia in your feed this year, with retro snaps set for a comeback.

Think black and white images overlayed with grain, dust and low-fi filters, to recreate the design du jour. Or try them over film for edgier, more wistful footage. Old-skool tech is also tipped to feature strongly in your feed from now on, so dust off that nineties Nokia because it could come in handy now.

Trend 6: Go for Grit

In 2021, it's all about the texture, and no, that doesn't just mean photos. The modest background is getting a new gritty makeover and it's currently all the rage.

We've seen gradient colour backgrounds sweeping the scene, and they're not going anywhere, but now they're emerging with new textural appeal. Try experimenting with apps such as Mexture, Moldiv and Tezza to add an a la mode grainy aesthetic to your creations.

Trend 7: Scrapbook Chic

We've all enjoyed putting together a slick photo montage or two, but collages are undoubtedly moving towards a more homespun vibe.

Expect images that look as if they've been ripped straight from the pages of a magazine, hand-written style annotations and textured layers. For a magical mood board effect without the stress, try Unfold or Storyluxe for social templates that are ready to rock.

Trend 8: Think Flaw-some

This year, with the focus heavily on authenticity, aesthetic perfection is passé. There's real beauty to be found in the imperfect, so embrace those photo flaws, because they're exactly what your audience want to see.

With over-edits and posed photos out of favour, you can build a real connection between your images and your audience with a 'true to life' approach. That's not to say photos shouldn't be styled or backgrounds carefully chosen, just think twice before you reach for the airbrush.

Trend 9: Co-ord Craze

Feeds that lack cohesion are so 2020. Going forward, expect to see slick coordinated business pages with brand colour palettes front and centre.

Not only should you keep your colours consistent, you might want to consider alternating between text-based posts and images for that satisfying honeycomb structure. Or if you're feeling super-adventurous, why not try colour-themed blocks of posts using harmonious hues.

Trend 10: Stick with It

According to Canva, stories with stickers attract a whopping 83% more attention than those without. For best results, choose interactive stickers to get your crowd in the chatting mood.

Opt for a quiz, question or poll to discover more about your following, or to help them discover more about you. Alternatively, a well-placed 'DM me' sticker can encourage more one-on one interaction and generate some firmer leads.

So, what do you think? Which trends are you lusting over, and which will you try in 2021? If you're not sure where to start but would love to fresh-up your look this year, get in touch.

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