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Quick Tips: How to Craft the Perfect Instagram Bio

4 Steps to Social Media Success

Want to write an engaging Instagram Bio, but you're not sure where to start?

Try these four quick tips to get your business blurb up to scratch in just a few minutes!

Tip 1: Optimise to Maximise Tip 2: Sell the Benefits Tip 3: Pre-empt and Guide Tip 4: Inspire Action

Optimise to Maximise

Want to be super easy to find in a social media search? Optimise the name field in your bio.

Skipping this crucial step, could mean you miss out on valuable traffic - particularly if your business name is vague.

Write a header packed with key words your clients might search for. For example, if your brand name is 'Hush' and you sell women's shoes, your Name Field could read 'Women's Fashion Footwear with Flair' or 'Handcrafted Shoes for Stylish Women'.

Sell the Benefits

Your bio should stress how you help and inspire your customers. In short, it's all about your Unique Selling Proposition.

What makes your business stand out? What do you offer that benefits your customers? What problems can you solve for them? Are your items handmade? Do you offer free shipping? Are you running a special offer? Put your customers' needs at the centre of your bio to reel them in.

Pre-empt and Guide

Customers can often be lazy, or too shy to go straight to DMs. So try and anticipate their questions to make buying as simple as possible.

If you offer commissions, how do you order them? Where are you located? What are your contact details? Don't assume buyers will look up the information for themselves. The more barriers, i.e. clicks away from your social page, required to find the info they're looking for, the more likely they are to abandon the search.

Inspire Action

Want your casual page viewer to take the next step in the customer journey? Include a killer CTA in your bio.

Even something as simple as 'Click the link to shop', followed by your website URL, can be surprisingly effective. And don't forget you can change your Call To Action and link as often as you need to. So, if you're running a sale, offering a free download or have a blog post fresh off the press, let your page viewers know and take them straight there.

Found these tips helpful? Why not bookmark for later or share with a friend.

Which one will you take away and use today? Let me know in the comments.


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